Song List

  • Moments In Time featuring Howi Spangler - Released May 25, 2019
  • One Of One feauturing Lyrics Born & P-Nut (311) - Released October 5, 2018
  • I've Got Your Back, Kid featuring Howi & Donald Spangler (Ballyhoo!) - Released March 8, 2019
  • Many Ways featuring Duke Sims & Kosha Dillz - Released June 7, 2019
  • Keep Them Talking featuring Marlon Asher & King Green - Released December 6, 2019
  • Mind Quarantine featuring Ted Bowne (Passafire) - Released April 24, 2020


The Story Of Wes

Wes has been playing guitar for over 20 years, handling lead guitar duties for the Chicago band Shanghai Superstars (2010 - 2012), Fiction 20 Down (2012 - 2015), Big Infinite (2015 - 2018 ), and now finally branching out on his own venture. Through previous bands, he’s toured the country, won Maryland's Breakout Artist of the Year, charted on iTunes, released 1 LP, 1 Live Album, 1 EP, 1 Mixtape, 4 singles, had one single become a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and received endorsements from Dean Markley Strings and Paul Reed Smith Guitars. 

As time has passed, the itch to carve his own path and put out the music he’s always wanted to became irresistible. Something 100% true to his style and diverse taste in music. With that, he is now releasing singles under his own name covering a wide range of styles and featuring talented guest musicians on each track. Every song starts with just a guitar and Wes. Through collaborations, the songs then take on a new life of its own, and have included P-Nut (311), Lyrics Born, Ballyhoo!, Kosha Dillz, Marlon Asher, King Green (RDGLDGRN), and Ted Bowne (Passafire).

As a live performer, fans can expect a hybrid DJ/Instrumental set from Wes covering a wide range of genres like funk, rock, hip-hop, lo-fi, and more. Recent performance highlights include shows with Ballyhoo!, Los Stellarians (311 singer side project), DJ Soulman, Phutureprimitiv, AN-TEN-NAE, and Baltimore’s Frozen Harbor Music Festival.

2020 will see more collaborations and more shows! The first single release of the year is titled Mind Quarantine and features Ted Bowne from Passafire on vocals and Tommy Sickles from Nothingface on drums.

Feel free to drop Wes a line at!